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Concierge Affiliate Membership

Concierge Affiliate Membership

Concierge Affiliate membership is available to the following employees whose principle responsibilities are that of a "Concierge" and whose duties or services are performed at a visible and designated location that is accessible by guests:

  1. Employees of the Orange County Convention Center who serve at guest service desks in the capacity of a concierge.
  2. "Titled Concierge/Guest Service" employees who serve transient clientele and are employed by Hotels, Resorts, Timeshare/Condo Properties, Shopping Malls, Hospitals or Adult Living Communities.
  3. Third party concierge companies that lease space for the purpose of providing concierge related services in various hotels and/or any other type of transient building and are titled "Concierge/Guest Service".


Duration: 1 year
Price: $35.00